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Automatic sliding door article




Model Activa+ :Single slide up to 1.4meters

                                  Bi-part up to 2.4 meters



Model Bravo:Single slide up to 2 meters

                             Bi-part up to 3 meters


Hermetic door :สำหรับประตูห้องผ่าตัด ห้องคลีนรูม 


Automatic door with bi-part or single slide configuration, consisting of one or two door leaves that will open fast and smoothly leaving a wide clear opening to let people and trolleys pass through, and will close firmly to seal the opening and hermetically insulate the interior of a clean room.


       Panic break-out door.


Panic break-out door             


     Automatic door with bi-part or single sliding configurations, consisting of one or two door leaves that will slide open leaving a wide clear opening in the centre or one side of the door.



Automatic lock

Touch-less IR switch

IR photocell beams

Interface (I/O module)

Outside key switch

Remote control

ManuLink software

Microwave radar

Optima selector


Automatic Door / ประตูอัตโนมัติ

Automatic Swing door article

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