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  Speedlane 500

Top & front view Speedlane 500

 The Speedlane 500 is available in several versions:

  • A taller door wing (Speedlane 500-H) creating a higher level of security.
  • An extended passage (Speedlane 500-L) and additional photocells creating a longer detection way, optimizing the user flow and creating a higher level of security.
  • And with a wide passage (Speedlane 500-W) making access with wheelchairs, larger goods and luggage possible.

A sequence of multiple access lanes is possible. The unit contains side panels that are equipped with security fastenings to access the mechanism for installation and service 



    Speedlane 900   

The Speedlane 900 Series optical barrier lanes are designed to provide a high level of security for supervised access control applications while maintaining a high traffic flow. The stylish design and variety of finish options makes this optical barrier lane versatile and unique.    



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